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Mario Mora, concert pianist
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Soloist with The Youth Orchestra of Cuenca, Auditorium, Horcajo de Santiago, Spain, January, 17.
Soloist with The Youth Orchestra of Cuenca, Auditorium, San Clemente, Spain, April, 25.
Church "Ntra. Señora", Arcas del Villar, Spain, May, 10.
Auditorium, Royal High Conservatory of Music, Madrid, Spain, May, 27.
Auditorium, San Clemente, Spain, July, 1.
Soloist with The Youth Orchestra of Cuenca, Church "Sta. María", Huete, Spain, July, 4.
Sainte-Thérèse-Ludres, Nancy, France, July, 31.
Institution J.B Thierry-Maxeville, Nancy, France, August, 1.
Apéro Solistes-Place Saint-Epvre, Nancy, France, August, 2.
Le Clairlieu-Villers-Lès-Nancy, Nancy, France, August, 3.
La Verriere-Villers-Lès-Nancy, Nancy, France, August, 4.
Auditorium "Eutherpe", León, Spain, November, 21.
Auditorium "Fundación Marcelino Botín", Santander, Spain, November, 23.
Auditorium "Sant Josep", Moiá, Spain, December, 5.
Auditorium "Centre Católic", Blanes, Spain, December, 6.
Auditorium "Aula de So", Sant Cugat del Vallés, Spain, December, 9.
Auditorium "Sant Narcís del Cercle Sport", Figueres, Spain, December, 11.
Municipal Theatre, Palafrugell, Spain, December, 12.
Church "Sant Andreu", Serinyà, Spain, December, 13.